A Sampling of Magic Products and Books
  1. Hopping Half Set
    You show two coins on your open palm and remove one of them as you close your hand into a fist. This coin is placed into your pocket yet when you open your hand you STILL have the two coins!
    Hopping Half Set
  2. Invisible Deck
    You ask a spectator to think of any card in the deck. It really is a FREE CHOICE! You then remove an ordinary looking deck and show it to the spectator. After asking the spectator which card they thought of, you very fairly spread thru the deck to show that there is one card and one card only face down in the deck. The spectator pulls the card out to find that it is the exact same card they thought of only moments before!
    Invisible Deck
  3. Linking Rings
    Magically link and unlink the rings in a routine that is sure to fascinate your entire audience.
    Linking Rings
  4. Nest of Wallets
    Nick Einhorn's Super Soft Deluxe Nest of Wallets is a trick for the workers: any small borrowed item such as a coin or ring instantly reappears wrapped in cloth, inside a nest of three leather wallets
    Nest of Wallets
  5. Nielsen Full Vanishing Bottle
    A bottle is placed in a paper bag. The bag is then crunched up and tossed aside. The bottle has apparently vanished.
    Nielsen Full Vanishing Bottle
  6. Silk thru Mirror
    Magically make a silk pass through the face of a solid mirror.
    Silk thru Mirror
  7. Square Circle
    The magician shows a square box with a window in front and an empty colored cylinder which fits in the box. He proceeds to produce small items from the empty cylinder!
    Square Circle
  8. Stripper Deck
    An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a multitude of miracles - yet is EASY TO DO. Imagine: *passing the deck of cards out for examination yet having uncanny control over selected cards shuffled into the deck *making selected cards appear on the top of the deck like true magic *instantly producing the four aces
    Stripper Deck
  9. Svengali Deck
    A card is selected and returned to the pack which is then shuffled. The magician then feels the backs of the cards one at a time and is able to find the selected card by sensing which card is warmer from the spectators touch! The selected card is then shuffled into the pack again only to jump to the top of the deck. The cards are then cut once placing the selected card in the middle of the pack - but say the magic words and the selected card is on top again!
    Svengali Deck
  10. The Raven
    You show a coin and place it on your hand (or even a spectator's hand for added power). With complete confidence you wave your hand (fingers open) over the coin... The coin vanishes right before the spectator's eyes in one of the most visual moments in all of magic. The best part is, your hands end up completely clean!
    The Raven
  11. Yigal Masika Loops
    These invisible thread loops are strong enough to move objects and stretch to ten inches without breaking. These Loops are worn on your wrist all day, without snagging or breaking.
    Yigal Masika Loops
  12. Spider Pen Pro
    You ask for ANY bill. A levitation is about to happen, but never has a levitation happened like this. You place the flat bill on the palm of your hand and cover it with the other hand. Your hands move apart, and somehow the borrowed bill is floating.
    Spider Pen Pro
  1. Joker Tube Pro
    The tube and balls can be used as a stand-alone magic show! Use the tubes to change ball order and vanish balls using the ball vanish box. The ball vanish box is designed to vanish more than just a ball! You will quickly find many possibilities!
    Joker Tube Pro
  2. Copper Cups and Balls
    You'll make the balls appear and disappear, seemingly at random.
    Copper Cups and Balls
  3. Lotta Bowl
    Water pours from this magic bowl over and over again. A great running trick.
    Lotta Bowl
  4. Svengali-Oz-Pearlman
    This deck of cards is brilliantly abnormal. It makes impossible tricks possible. It makes difficult tricks simple. The Svengali Deck allows beginners to instantly perform magic that would take years of practice with a regular deck. It allows experts to perform effects that simply can't be done with a regular deck.
  1. Change Bags
    Produce! Vanish! Change! Silk Scarves, ribbons, toys & candy! (change colors, become knotted in bag, cut & restored), streamers, playing cards. The bag can be turned inside out at any time.
    Change Bags
  2. Scotch and Soda
    Half Dollar and (replica) 20 Centavo coin are given to spectator to hold behind his back. Magician asks for the half dollar which the spectator successfully hands over. Next you ask for the 20 Centavo coin. When the spectator opens his hand he finds that Mexican Coin has changed into a quarter and he can examine both coins to his heart's content.
    Scotch and Soda
  3. Lethal Tender
    Show an card envelope with two coins and two coins only, and a card. Place one of the coins on a table, or even a spectators hand and simply tap it with the card and the coin instantly changes. Open the wallet and the coin that was in their hand shows it now in the wallet.
    Lethal Tender
  4. Appearing Cane
    Make a cane appear from thin air.
    Appearing Cane
  5. Folding Coin
    A spectator is handed a regular bottle to examine. Next, a coin is borrowed and magically made to penetrate through the bottom of the solid bottle! The bottle is then turned upside down to show that the coin does not fit through its neck. But when the magician shakes the bottle, the coin falls out of it! The coin is then returned to the spectator, and everything can be examined!
    Folding Coin
  6. Chop Cup
    Using just one cup and one ball, you are able to perform an amazing series of appearances, vanishes and transpositions.
    Chop Cup
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