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Julio Ramirez, Jr, Owner


Watch Julio perform the

Delicious Change by Tumi Magic

Audiences love magic where one object VISUALLY CHANGES into another. 
With Delicious Change, you can transform a small pack of gum into a LARGE chocolate bar RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES! 
This extreme visual change is perfect for performing for a crowd OR for a single person. The spectator(s) will see NOTHING even from a few centimeters away! You can create different routines with Delicious Change. Your limit is up to your imagination. 
All materials were selected to present you with a long-lasting gimmick that you can carry with you for hundreds of performances. 
Everything is detailed in the online tutorial.
Gimmick is 100% ready to use out of the box!

Magnum Series
Color Changing Knives

Psychic Blocks

A wooden box, a metal spike and 6 different color blocks are shown. The blocks are placed in the box and are secured with the long aluminum spike and the lid is closed. The blocks are visible through the top and bottom of the box. The spike is removed and the blocks are dumped onto a table. Two of the blocks are selected by the spectator and the blocks are placed in the box again and secured by the spike. When the box is opened the selected blocks fall out of the box while the other blocks remain secured by the spike.

Amazing Acrobatic Knot w/xtra knot Red and White


This incredible routine begins with you holding two separate ropes. One red rope and one white rope. A knot is tied in the white rope. Then, like magic, the white knot JUMPS OFF of the white rope and onto a red rope! Next, you slide the knot COMPLETELY OFF then VISIBLY toss it back onto the red rope. Just as your audience is picking their jaw off of the floor, you untie the white knot from the red rope... The RED Rope NOW has a permanent white section from where it was untied! To top things off, you toss the ropes out to be inspected!! For decades, DARYL has featured this incredible routine in virtually every show he's performed. In dedication to this esteemed master Magician and teacher, Gregory Wilson has added his personal, updated routine, insight and handling to this classic effect!
Can be performed anywhere and everything can be examined!
No angle issues!
Includes new brighter, thicker ropes!
Includes an EXTRA Knot for multiple routines!
Daryl's Original Instruction (Online)!
Gregory Wilson's personal routine and full handing instructions(Online)!
Packs very small & plays HUGE!

The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi by Stephen Minch
The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi is the first book in any language that presents a substantial collection of this master magician’s secrets with cards, coins and…things. The contents have been gathered from scarce publications with strictly limited circulations, and include closely guarded, never before published tricks and sleights.
  • 56 highly original tricks, routines and sleights
  • Over 400 beautifully rendered drawings by Tony Dunn
  • 206 pages printed on fine paper and bound in luxurious leather and cloth

Extreme Burn 

SansMinds Sharpie (DVD and Gimmick) by Will Tsai
Watch the video


Steven Brundage fooled Penn & Teller, then Steve Harvey, Good Morning America, NBC, ABC... the list is still going on from the countless media sources that want to experience what you're about to learn with Cube3. Now, Steven wants to teach you how he uses his closely-guarded Rubik's Cube routine to crush audiences all over the world. 

Gecko Pro System (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jim Rosenbaum 

Frightened Rabbit

​Performer displays a plaque with the picture of a black rabbit. He turns the frame around thrice, and asks the kids to shout “BOO”. The frame is opened to show the rabbit is now white! This is repeated. You finally ask the kids to shout “BOO” again, and turn the plaque around. The picture on the opposite side displays the back of the black rabbit, running away.

Magic Cartoon Deck


Spirit Slates Magnetic
by Bazar de Magia

Marked Cards

These Spirit Slates give you a hands-free, no nonsense method of revealing mysterious writing. The flap lies perfectly flat and is invisible even under the most difficult of performing conditions. The Slates may even be handed out for close examination of the writing. They will see nothing suspicious. Nothing!
The slates themselves measure approximately 7" by 9 3/4" with beautiful mahogany wooden frames.

​​Easiest to read and very subtle.


Surprising Dots 
by Di Fatta Magic

The performer shows a jumbo card that has 1 black dot on one side, and 4 black dots on the other. When the card is shown again, strangely it has 3 dots on one side and 6 on the other. The card is shown a few more times, and each time the number of dots on its sides changes. At the end the magician explains to the audience how the trick works, but as a surprise finish 8 black dots suddenly appear from nowhere filling the card completely!
Thanks to the clear photos in the instructions, the trick is very easy to learn.
The card measures 24cm x 16cm and the dots have a diameter of 3cm x 7cm. The effect is consequently well visible even at a distance.

Now you can perform miraculous magic with the an everyday object.....RUBBER BANDS! They're everywhere you are; at work, school, in your desk, in the car and in your pocket. Now you can use this everyday item to stun people with these astounding effects! Ben Salinas shows you how to make rubber bands. WATCH VIDEO

Fire Wallet

Omni Deck

Palmer Magic presents OMNI DECK. A signed card repeatedly jumps to the top of the deck. Then the deck is placed into a spectators hand... and it mysteroiusly solidifies into a crystal clear block of acrylic! the dynamite finisher.

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